Welcome to Living with Laptops: A Parent Workshop

Facilitated by Kim Cofino

Our Agenda

Workshop Overview


At this parent workshop, we will talk about the elements of Digital Citizenship: including online safety, responsibility, behavior and balance - what they are, why they are important, how we can make good choices (meaning open and honest conversations with children, rather than monitoring/tracking), the difference between interacting in a face to face environment and an online environment, as well as parenting strategies to support this kind of behavior at home.

Workshop Goals:

  • Helping parents understand how their children use technology,
  • Why it's important that we all have play time with technology, and
  • How parents can tap into the parenting and life skills they already have so they can transfer them to the digital world.

Parents are encouraged to bring their laptops.

Image Credits: workstation by striatic, CC License on Flickr